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Summer Colour Trends

Current hair color trends and expert advice are now at your fingertips with a click of a button. In the past we've spent hours searching for the right look, meticulously flipping page after page of the latest trend magazines. From Cosmo to Elle, the journey was a lengthily one. Now a simple hashtag search on Instagram will provide you with hundreds, if not thousands, of hair-spiration in seconds! I love this because not only are you finding the style you are lusting over but the Colorist who created the look! But to save you from a long night of searching Insta, here are some of the hottest colour trends for summer.
To all the gingers, or ginger fans out there this is a summer trend you can jump on board with! Ronze is a combination of deep copper reds and bronzy-browns. I love this look because it suits both cool and warm skin tones as well as fair complexions. Emma Stone can rock this look but it also looks radiant on Rihanna and Beyoncé. 
Ombré isn't going anywhere; however, we see this colour craze transforming into something new each season. In the last year, sombre took hold but now we're all about the babylights! Babylights take your ombré to a natural, sun kissed look. Think of Chrissy Teigen’s gorgeous locks when you think of this trend (John Legend does not come with every application – but a girl can dream!)
Pearly Browns 
I know, I know, brown sounds so boring! Why not say cappuccino or mocha and give this color a chance! Let’s be honest, would you ever call Adriana Lima’s deep brunette dull? - Absolutely not! This year we're seeing more natural looks on the runway. Rich, luminous color will enhance your skin and make your eyes pop, especially baby blues and hazel eyes! Ask your stylist to finish with a gloss finish to add major shine and pump up your look.
Denim everything
We are seeing denim everywhere in fashion right now. This trend has come a long way since its debut in 1873. At the forefront of colour trends, demi blue now goes beyond your favourite pair of Levi's and into the tresses of your hair. This trend ranges from deep blue to acid wash. There are over 50 shades of denim to play with. This must-have customizable color has as much versatility as the stack of jeans in your closet. 
These are just a few color trends to reinvent your hair just in time for summer! Grab your phone, search your city and I'm sure you'll see a style you have to have!
Xo, Melanie
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