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Tips to extend the life of your pedicure

Adding colour to your toes is a great way to spice up your look. But keeping your pedi flawless isn’t easy… unless you’re following these commandments, which will help keep your feet looking fresh for as long as possible.

Avoid water and closed shoes in the hours after applying your nail polish.

Yes, your polish may seem dry after just a few minutes; but it actually takes around 12 hours to fully harden. In the meantime, humidity is your number one enemy! Sporting your favourite sandals will help you avoid ruining your freshly applied polish.

Alternate between sandals and closed shoes.

Exposing your feet every day can greatly reduce the life span of your pedicure. Switch up your shoes to help it last!

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Exfoliate your feet a few times a week.

Your best allies for über soft feet: a body scrub, and a pumice stone or foot file. Kiss those calluses goodbye!

Apply cuticle oil and foot cream regularly.

Massage the skin around your toe nails with cuticle oil and moisturize your feet with an unscented moisturizer (harsh fragrances could cause your polish to crack).

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Reapply your top coat every few days.

Regularly applying a new coat of clear nail polish will really help preserve your colour. Keep your bottle of top coat close at hand and reapply every couple of days, focusing on the tips of your nails.

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