Dartmouth Community Shave for the Brave for Young Adult Cancer Canada

Jun 10

Shave For The Brave

Shave for the Brave is YACC’s biggest fundraiser and provides funds for all the support programs Young Adult Cancer Canada provides.

There are also large symbolic and emotional components to any Shave event. Donating your hair for wigs or shaving your head bald is a big sacrifice and those who participate have a lot invested in the activity. Some do it to support a loved one dealing with cancer, to remember someone they lost to cancer, or simply to help support the cause.

By participating in larger Shaves, people get to show the world that they care. The very personal action, combined with a public setting, makes for a unique and unforgettable experience!

Becoming bald or wearing a bright yellow Shave for the Brave toque are also very physical ways participants support the brave young adults dealing with cancer in Canada.

Shavers will shave their heads with an electric razor without a guard, or donate at least 10 inches of braided hair (that hasn’t been bleached or permed) that will be used for wigs for children. You can shave with a bunch of friends at our Community event (schools and sports team are encouraged to come). Shavers will need to register, collect pledges or pay a registration fee, thank everyone, and get a drastic haircut. That’s all that’s to it.

Mane Mamas are the Shave supporters who aren’t up to shaving this year for whatever reason but still want to be involved and help everyone else who is. Their main job is to spread the word about the Shave and to get others to donate or participate. You can even register online and raise money for your Shaver or a team!

Donors can pledge to a participant or give directly to the Shave for the Brave. The best way to donate is to visit www.shaveforthebrave.ca  to make a safe, secure online donation with a credit card. Online donors will be receipted automatically. Otherwise, cash or cheques made out to Young Adult Cancer Canada will be accepted. These donors will receive a manually generated tax receipt upon request within the weeks following the event.